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Installation Services

Aquatic Design’s Custom Fish Tank Installations

  • We give our utmost attention to detail and quality.
  • We have an excellent record of staying within budget on projects for over two decades in the fish-tank industry.
  • Our customer’s needs drive our primary and singular vision.
  • Aquatic Design employs custom installation project leaders that are well versed in melding the industries latest innovations with superior customer service. Achieving your dream is their singular initiative.

The purchase of an aquarium, no matter what size, is the beginning of a strong partnership with our clients, a partnership we value above all else. Our experience, expertise, and exceptional customer service have allowed us to form thousands of these partnerships over the years, thus rewarding both our clients and Aquatic Design.

Aquatic Design is a leader in innovative aquarium supplies and equipment in the Dallas – Ft. Worth TX Metroplex. We recognize that the fish tank community deserves an aquarium store that is genuinely concerned with your success in this hobby.

We install and maintain professionally designed aquatic habitats in homes and businesses throughout North Texas and have since 1989. From nano-reefs to thousand gallon specimen fish-tanks, we let nothing get beyond our scope of work.

We offer Aquarium Service plans throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex tailored to your specific needs. Weekly service visits will ensure that your aquarium will always look at its best while only requiring you to feed the fish. Less intensive service is available if you are interested in being more involved in the care of your aquarium. Let us help you. Click on Fish-Tank Tips. It is also located in the menu on the left side of the page.

Aquatic Design is everything you need in a fish store and nothing you dont. You will find our dry goods to be the most well rounded in town. Our coral selection is second to none. From soft corals to Australian designer corals-we have it all. Are you looking for interesting invertebrates? We stock the best assortment of invertebrates you are likely to see in one place.

Did we mention our extensive African cichlid collection? Our saltwater and freshwater livestock is the healthiest, consistently varied, and fairly priced in town. All fish have an industry leading three-day warranty (water sample, perished fish and original receipt required).

Maintenance Services

All Manners of Systems and Aquatic Habitats

  • We are dedicated to Customer Satisfaction.
  • We have a professional, experienced and dedicated staff.
  • We use a Budget You Can Count On – No hidden costs!
  • We have over twenty years of experience in establishing and maintaining all forms of aquarium environments.

Want to sit back and enjoy the beauty of your fish-tank while saving yourself the effort and headaches of maintaining it? At Aquatic Design we specialize in the service of all manners of systems and aquatic habitats. Whether it is a Freshwater Community system or a Saltwater Reef environment, allow us to take the labor out of keeping your aquarium in pristine shape and working order, so that you may simply enjoy the fruits of our expertise!

Or, do you simply need a helping hand in revamping a system that has managed to get away from you? We are more than happy to come on an as needed basis, just give us a 2-week notification (preferably) and well be on our way!

Home Fish Tanks

Have a tank at home? Our residential service takes away all the fuss and leaves you with more time to enjoy it! Residential Service prices are based on a weekly (4-visits per month), or bi-weekly (2-visits per month) schedule. Services performed during each visit include: Water changes, water testing, filtration materials, cosmetic work, algae work, decoration upkeep, dosing of all essential chemicals, and equipment maintenance (out of warranty repairs or replacements will incur additional charges). In addition, Residential Service clients receive a 30 day warranty on fish purchased from Aquatic Design rather than our standard, industry leading, 3 day warranty for walk-in customers (excludes invertebrates and coral).

Office or Business Fish Tanks

Is your aquarium located within your office or place of business? We offer the same services for businesses as well, with an additional plan available-Service Plus. Service Plus encompasses all of the residential services, while offering the added benefit of including food and livestock in a predictable price plan for businesses. A 30 day warranty accompanies all fish purchased through Aquatic Design as well (excludes invertebrates and coral).

Aquatic Design Service Technicians

All Aquatic Design service technicians undergo thorough background checks. Aquatic Design technicians are dependable professionals, who share the companies clear focus on customer service. They are punctual, presentable, and above all else-reputable. So stop wondering where your current technician has been for the last 3 hours, or who just walked off a concert stage and into your living room, and relax in the comfort of Aquatic Designs friendly and respectable service staff.