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Custom Aquariums

We offer high grade, furniture quality aquarium cabinetry and quality glass aquariums for sale. While we can provide standard aquarium sizes as well, why try to fit your home or office to the aquarium, when you can have a custom aquarium fitted to your needs?

Aquarium Maintenance

Aquariums are closed systems, and as such they require constant maintenance to achieve the balance necessary for a healthy ecosystem. With our knowledge and dedication to customer service Aquatic Design can make your aquarium look just as beautiful in the years to come as it does on Day 1.

Find Dory Here!

Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory hit the big screen in the Summer of 2016. You can get her in your aquarium right now! Aquatic Design carries a large stock of Salt and Freshwater fish. Nemo, Dory, Bubbles, Jacques! We’ve got em!


This place is great! They had everything I need plus more. Not to mention they were very informative, and the service was great too!

Stephen S.

I have known Larry and company for almost 2 decades. Great service and healthy fish – who could ask for more. I have had fish live 5-7 years out. That’s almost unheard of. I’m just so glad Aquatic Design has done so well. You should be proud of your accomplishments and reputation.

Greg G-S

Great experience, service and very knowledgeable employees.

George W (no, not that one!)

Aquatic Design is the BEST Fish Store in the DFW area! I have been a customer since I moved here in 2007. In addition, I have been to ALL the local fish stores in the area and KNOW that this is the BEST! EVERY single person in the store is experienced and helpful. They will ALL bend over backwards to help you with ANY questions you have be it mechanical, electrical, tank related or about livestock. If they don’t have what you want (which is rare), they will order it or find a way to get you what you need. Once, one of the crew offered to bring me something from his own system at home to help with a hardware problem I was having. NO ONE ELSE WILL DO THAT FOR YOU!

Larry, you ROCK! Your store ROCKS! Your personnel is the BEST EVER!!! I know Caleb, Tommy, Al, and Deb very well because of their eagerness to help me. My tank is GORGEOUS! We are so happy we will most likely be buying another tank from you guys soon. Thanks for all you do. Specifically, thank you for providing quality products, beautiful livestock, and a top notch crew!

Hillary L.


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