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The Triggerfish

Triggerfishes are about 40 species of often brightly colored fishes of the family Balistidae. Often marked by lines and spots, they inhabit tropical and subtropical oceans throughout the world, with the greatest species richness in the Indo-Pacific. While several species from this family are popular in the marine aquarium trade, they are often notoriously ill-tempered.

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The Library

Commercial and Residential Installations

Professionally Designed Aquatic Habitats!

We install and maintain professionally designed aquatic habitats in homes and businesses throughout North Texas and have since 1989. From nano-reefs to thousand gallon specimen fish-tanks, we let nothing get beyond our scope of work.

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Aquarium Service Plans

Tailored To Your Specific Needs

We offer Aquarium Service plans throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex tailored to your specific needs. Weekly service visits will ensure that your aquarium will always look at its best while only requiring you to feed the fish. Less intensive service is available if you are interested in being more involved in the care of your aquarium.

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Aquatic Design Store

Everything You Need and Nothing You Dont

Aquatic Design is everything you need in a fish store and nothing you dont. You will find our dry goods to be the most well rounded in town. Our coral selection is second to none. From soft corals to Australian designer corals-we have it all. Are you looking for interesting invertebrates? We stock the best assortment of invertebrates you are likely to see in one place.

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Our Store

1629 North Central Expressway Plano 75075

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Open Monday-Friday 10-8, Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-6

Aquatic Design is the premier Aquarium Cleaning and Maintenance Company in the Dallas area. With thousands of satisfied clients around the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, we have spent the last 30 years helping people just like you truly enjoy their saltwater and freshwater fish tanks. In fact, having an amazing tank in your home or business easy! Just us a call at 972-423-0414 or stop by our store. We are conveniently located along Central Expressway (Highway 75) in Plano.

Project Overview: 1400 gallon Cylinder Acrylic Tank (6 ft dia, 6 ft deep) Artificial reef sculpture, Tank sitting on Steel support structure, Custom Refugium, Protein Skimmer, Chiller, Custom Maple Stand

Services: Tank Design and installation. Weekly maintenance including water changes and livestock additions.

Products Used: Reflow pumps, Aqua Logic chiller, t5 High-output lighting, EuroReef Protein skimmer.

Customer Testimonial: We couldn't be more pleased with Larry and his crew at Aquatic Design. We could tell that these guys really knew what they were doing and felt comfortable as they walked us through such a major event!

Project Overview: 325 Gallon Starfire-glass 3 sided tank with living reef. Tank built upon a custom pine support. Built into a Law office.

Services: Tank Design and installation. Weekly maintenance including water changes, livestock additions, and coral nutrition program.

Products Used: Reef octopus protein skimmer, Mag18 return pumps, Veritas LED Lighting System, TLF Phosphate Pellet Reactor.

Customer Testimonial: Impressive! This is what we hear when people walk in and see this BEAUTIFUL aquarium in our office. This tank changes the whole feeling in our office... and we LOVE it! Thanks Aquatic Design!!

Project Overview: Tank Features 10ft x 4ft x 3ft External Overflow Starphire Designed by Deep Sea Aquatics.

Lighting: 4 400 Watt Radium Metal Halides and 4 Oprhek Leds

Circulation: 2 MP60 W/ES

Filtration: Deltek 3070 SC Skimmer with Self Cleaning Head, 40W Smart UV, 60"x30"x36" Sump 280 Gallons, 40"x20"x16" (In line) Refugium, 40"x20"x12" (In line) Frag System and Stand Alone 75 Gallon Quarantine Systems

Extras: 2 130 Gallon Vats for Water Changes

Feature Add Ons: Apex Systems and Calcium Reactor

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